Check-in time. Interesting!


Time to evaluate my progress on the interesting scale.

I got my hair cut with Cheryl yesterday, and she asked me what was new and interesting since the last cut.

It turns out I had a ton of things to talk about!

There’s a lot besides what I’ve written about here, like hiking last weekend with my good friend Jacqui, Comedy Underground, and much exploring around the city. And I didn’t even get to the things coming up like my camping trip tomorrow and Comicon this weekend.

I did lose some focus and productivity for a few days after seeing the love note from H’s new romper room boy, so that’s a ding.

Thanks to my parents for answering the phone in the middle of the night to pray with me, and for my friends who so patiently listen to me and encourage me! It’s great to have such good friends and family!

I’m running 3.5 miles 2x per week on the hill (will push that to 3x next week), and two laps (5.5 miles) at Green Lake on the weekend (even after hiking the day before), and my workouts are having a visible effect on muscle tone.

My goal is a six-pack this summer. It’s going to happen, I tell you!

I’m on track to wrap up the project for inKlood this Friday and get moving full-time on my own work.

When I tally it all up, I must say that I’m happy with the results!

It’s definitely getting more interesting around here!



  1. In the words of Arte Johnson, ‘Very interesting’. I’m enjoying your blog. You’re more expressive than in your Brooks days.

  2. Thanks, Bill! I remember my Brooks days fondly! I think I have an advantage in this medium, since I always find it easier to write than to speak. Plus, I was a lot more repressed back then. 🙂

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