Digital nomads are blowing my mind. Interesting.


I just came across an article about a guy who also quit Microsoft to do a startup.

Not so interesting in itself, but he discovered that working while traveling is a great way to be more productive.

And most importantly… wait for it… that it can actually be more affordable than renting in Seattle!

There’s even a name for this location-independent lifestyle: “Digital nomad“.

I’ve already found that working around the city when and where I’m inspired is much more productive than working in an office.

And I was so inspired by a trip to Mexico with H last winter.

She would read and do her thing on the beach while I worked for a while, and then we’d swim or sail or explore or whatever we wanted the rest of the time.

I got a lot done, and I had a lot more fun doing it.

I wanted life to be like that every day.

(It turns out that H didn’t have that much fun, but that’s another story.)

The catch was that for some reason I thought I had to have a successful startup first before I could travel.


That’s what’s blowing my mind.

I can do this now!

I can tell you now that I won’t be spending the winter here in Seattle.

Now this is interesting!


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